Our Complaints Procedure

We want to help.

CS Technical Services provide several services to various sized businesses throughout Scotland, These services include but are not restricted to Telecoms, Broadband, CCTV and IT Management.

As with any business occasionally things go wrong:

Our customer service representatives are here to help you when things go wrong. We are committed to quickly resolving any problem you may have with our services to your satisfaction. So, please if there is a problem talk to us in the first instance, alternatively we can follow our procedure of complaints as detailed below.

Email Enquiries:

All complaints or enquiries –

Telephone Enquiries:

Call: 01333 439967

Resolving Complaints.

Step 1

In the unfortunate event you do have a complaint you should in the first instance, contact our customer service team by telephoning 01333 439967 or by emailing We take complaints seriously and our team will endeavour to resolve any issue reasonably, quickly and fairly.
We will always try to answer your complaint within 72 Hours.

Step 2

We would hope it doesn’t get this far but if you remain dissatisfied from your first contact with us you can request to have your complaint escalated. To do this
simply email us at or if your prefer you can write to us at CS Technical, Services, 83 North Street, Leven, Fife, KY8 4LY. We will liaise with you to resolve the problem and may document what led to the problem and how we aim to prevent it in future. Any complaint at this stage will immediately be handed to a senior member of staff, as our normal policy we will always try to answer any complaint within 72 Hours of receiving it.

Step 3

We want to work hard to resolve any complaint quickly and effectively but if we have not been able to do this you may wish to contact service regulators
that may be able to assist.

For other types of complaints please contact us for details.